Refinancing & Debt Consolidation

As life changes your financial position changes and so does the need for your home loan to change. I take pride in listening to your situation without judgement. Its essential to understand your vision to ensure your home loan is right for your circumstances. You may be considering:

  • Fixing your rate or amending the term to reduce monthly repayments
  • Require a more flexible loan structure or unlock equity to be able to invest
  • Consolidate your credit cards or personal debts to reduce monthly outgoings
  • Changing title ownership from joint to own, or vice versa, or accountant recommendation to owning your property in a company or trust.
  • Ensuring your with the right bank, if your planning on a property portfolio.

It can be quite costly if you make the wrong decision at the start, which is why I believe in sharing the long term journey with you, to ensure we understand and strive towards your financial goals.