About Us

About Colin Newcombe

I worked in the retail market from Jewellers to Major Department Stores. The next 10-15 years was spent in the computing industry. I developed my own business with three branches handling the needs of Medium size business in a variety of area’s.

Whilst running this business I specialised in training and developing business’ in the area’s of Accounting, Payroll, Advertising, Marketing & Strategies for attaining Personal & Business Goals.

Finance Broker Job Description & History

I have from February 2004 to the present-day been working full-time as an independent finance broker. I am not aligned with any specific lender and have over 20 lenders to source funds.

My chosen place of work is at home which gives you complete access to me any time of day or night. This is very handy for Miners and other shift workers.

I handle a full range of loans including Mortgages (Residential & Commercial), Cars, Boats and the like, Personal & Business Loans.

I’m FREE – usually the Lender I use pays me & it definitely costs NOTHING for answers to your questions.

So …. Call me to ask the questions ….. I’m still waiting (LOL)