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10 October 2012 ~ 5,798 Comments

You can buy with a little help from your friends

For many first home buyers and investors the affordability crisis is putting the dream of owning their own home or investment property out of reach. We all know that Australia’s housing market is one of the least affordable in the world1. Housing affordability is affected by many factors including slow land releases and overly restrictive development […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 658 Comments

Most frequently asked co-ownership questions

What happens if I want to sell my portion? There are many options if you find that you either want or need to sell your co-owned property. It is in everyone’s best interest to invest in a co-ownership agreement prior to purchasing the property. Options should be included in the agreement to ensure agreement has […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 2 Comments

What goes down, must come up?

“I think the only thing which is certain, is that uncertainty is likely to persist for some time to come.” Interest rates are the hot topic in financial circles at the moment. As we approached Christmas, we saw the RBA drop interest rates for the first time in over a year and economic experts were […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 656 Comments

monthly marketing CAMPAIGNS

Welcome to your Monthly Marketing Campaign for March 2012. We recommend you send this out on Tuesday 6 March All supporting documentation, including campaign instructions and handouts can be found under the My Subscription / Monthly Marketing Campaign tab on the website. The campaign comes in 3 parts: Email copy: This is the suggested email […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 1 Comment

6 steps to smarter borrowing

Step 1 Work out if you can afford to borrow Before you take out a home loan, use a budget planner to see exactly where you spend your money and how much you can afford in repayments. Allow for interest rate rises and anything that might affect your future income (such as changing jobs). Step […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 613 Comments

The land of confusion

Let’s have a look at the past five months to see why there has been such a huge increase in consumers seeking mortgage specialists to help them with their finance selection to find a good and fair home loan interest rate: Cash rate drops (Dec 2011) – most banks (but not all) drop interest rates. […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 728 Comments

CHANGE can be good…

When our home or car insurance comes up for renewal each year, most of us invest the time to shop around and investigate the competition to make sure we are getting a good deal. The average Australian with a mortgage spends 18% of their gross income on housing costs¹. With such a large investment, why […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 4,053 Comments

We only invest one hour off our time…

on the biggest investment of our lives. The typical home purchaser spends around 90 hours over 6 months browsing the internet, researching websites, visiting real estate agencies and inspecting no less than a dozen properties. However we only spend a little more than one hour inspecting the home we eventually purchase. Not surprisingly, 55% of […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 5,739 Comments

Increasing cash flow for investors…

through property depreciation! As a property ages, items within it wear and they depreciate in value. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows property investors to claim a deduction relating to the expenses associated with this wear and tear on the building and its fixtures. Depreciation can be claimed by any owner of an income producing […]

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10 October 2012 ~ 615 Comments

Are you driving your investment property?

Did you know that it costs around $120 per week to finance the average small car¹? Many Australians have a love affair with new cars and are wanting and willing to buy a new car as soon as the last one is paid off. Are you one of these Aussies? If you are, or know […]

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